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At Arcuria: California Recovery Resources we have all of addiction recovery resources listed in one place. Need rehab? Need Sober Living? Need a Therapist or Counselor? Have an addiction and pain? Find Inpatient Residential Treatment and Rehab, Recovery Homes, Outpatient Treatment and Therapy, Arcuria Certified Sober Living Environments, Interventionists, as well as Complementary and Alternative Therapies. These include Addictionologists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists that specialize in addiction and Acupuncture Detox. We have holistic nutrition and supplement based providers as well! Here you can find the most comprehensive listings of both easy and hard to find recovery services located throughout California.

We also publish the information in our bi-annual California Recovery Resources Directory, The Official Directory of CAADAC. 15,000 directories are printed and distributed each year throughout California.
At Arcuria we only do a few things and we do them really well:
Arcuria, California Recovery Resources: Publishers of the official Directory of CAADAC
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